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Colorado Trout Devotee- Fly Fishing Pics/Footy/Pike-Musky/Clothing&Accessories
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At Colorado Trout Devotee, we are dedicated to Seeking, Finding, Catching, Appreciating, Photographing, and Releasing Colorado's Trout........ And pike/musky! 
We believe in:
  • Hiking 6 hours to NOT find a fish.
  • Looking into the river more than casting into it.
  • Rolling out our sleeping bags in the car for the night.
  • Utilizing the river as our teacher, counselor and guide.
  • Preserving Colorado's waterways and the fish which inhabit them.
  • Laughing, Smiling and High Fiving along the way.
"Although I know that it is heresy to suggest such an idea in the midst of an age of progress, it may be that ultimate truth lies in the spiritual attitude of those who are always going fishing. A person who has achieved an immunity from the everlasting inner demand that he improve upon his earthly position must possess an unusual degree of cosmic equilibrium. He must have learned in some way that composure of the human spirit is all that actually matters. He has attained, without conscious effort, the serenity for which all men(and women) strive."
--Clarence Cason (1898-1935)